Why a blog, that is the question??? When I started this site last October my thought process was it was something new and exciting that was outside of my comfort zone (my brother is the writer in the family, not me). I thought that if I focused my pain/arthritis energy into this adventure that it would help others and ideally me. Turns out I was correct about that aspect of blogging. What I didn’t realize was that blogging would open me up to a whole community of arthritic hero’s that have changed my life for the better!

This community of arthritic hero’s that I have found is incredible! Despite being in pain and discomfort themselves, these people have banned together to form a support group that is always willing to provide a shoulder if needed or are ready to party at a moments notice if someone beats the bastard known as Arthur! They don’t judge, are curious about others, and are true examples of what friendship should mean. As odd as this will sound, I’m actually glad I have become a fighter of Arthur because it has introduced me to these inspiring people that otherwise I would not have had the honor of knowing.

With this in mind, I think it’s only fair that I provide something to the group that helps everyone so I am not just a taker. Thus, this blog was born. My goal is to provide readers with an exciting adventure into my life and experiences like when I testified before the Idaho legislature making sure lawmakers knew that arthritis is just not an “old person” problem. Or I have an odd story about when the state of Florida listed me as the father of a little girl that I had never met (has nothing to do with arthritis but its well worth a read if you enjoy odd stories!). I also enjoy stupid/silly jokes or creative use of swear words that I believe should be shared 🙂

In short, my hope is that I can provide people in this community with a much-deserved distraction from their health issues and life. It’s a place to come to relax, read, enjoy, and share. I’ve been told I’m like a giant teddy bear so that is my contribution; I want to be a friend/big brother for the group! Pain talks, but IT DOES NOT WIN!

Please take a look at my stories and adventures and let me know what you think! I enjoy comments or my email is alanbrewington@yahoo.com if you would like to talk with me one on one.






P.S. Luckily there are many, many fellow arthritis suffers that are smarter than me. So, if you want or are looking for scientific type information, please let me know. I know several people with a knowledge base that makes Einstein look like a second grader.

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Why a Blog??? — 3 Comments

  1. What a great Idea. I see all these young people who are dealing with RA and have all different kinds of ideas to cope. What I like best, after 45 years of coping, is that now I can actually talk to others, on line anyway, who are going through what I have and am going through. Thank you for your blog.

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