Breaking News-I’m applying for a new job! 

As it turns out, I can’t seem to sit still for very long. I need new challenges in my life in order to help me deal with my arthritis and pain. Its the reason I bought my house and its the reason I thought starting this blog would be fun. Pushing myself, even to the point of utter exhaustion, seems to be my way of fighting Arthur. The question that I can’t seem to ever get out of my mind is “what’s next?”.

Ever since I testified before that congressional committee a month ago (man that was pretty awesome of me!), I have been thinking a lot about what is my next big challenge in life should be. Last year, it was going through the process of buying a run down HUD home as my first house, investing in it, and hopefully flipping it for a HUGE PROFIT sometime soon. As challenges go, pretty big right. My problem is its not big enough, I need something bigger!

I have noticed lately that I have been getting into a lot of conversations about why I’m still single.  Apparently, it is about time I try getting into a relationship if I’m to believe the recent conversations the world has been throwing my way. I’m not against this idea, I like the idea of having a girlfriend in fact (you have no idea the growth I’ve undergone just to be able to type that sentence:) The trouble is I’m not sure how to change my ways. I’ve learned an amazing amount of information in my short life so far, however I’ve seemed to have missed what to do when I “like” someone.

Now, if I were to be completely honest with myself, I would love to get into advocacy more. Standing in front of those legislators was scary but rewarding. Its time more elected officials learned and talked about arthritis as a disease versus something that just happens to “old people”. My apprehension about trying to pursue this path more is do I have enough pain to make my story interesting enough for others. All things to considered, my arthritis and pain levels are not that bad. Yes I’ve had 7 surgeries and take way to many pills for someone my age, but there are a lot of others much worse off than me. Should my medical problems even be a consideration if I have the desire to stand up and fight. I know the fight against Arthur needs all the help it can get so if I’m willing to stand up is that good enough???

Which brings me to the job I just applied for. Its a tax auditing position at the tax commission. In my head, auditing means treating each individual return as a puzzle for which I know the answer. The challenge is working backwards to make sure all the puzzle pieces fit together. Hopefully, my idea of the position is true. I have the hope that keeping my mind occupied on the puzzle will help me forget about my pain for a little longer which will allow me to keep working longer…at least thats my hope.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep working full-time. I have to many days already were I come home in tears basically because my back or hands are hurting so much. This can’t go on much longer, something will have to change because my quality of life is suffering. This is why I keep asking myself “whats next?”. I think as soon as I quit asking that question is the day Arthur and the pain wins!

Long story short is, stay tuned! I’m not 100% sure yet what’s next for me. All I can say is this. I have meet some pretty cool people recently that keep impressing me as to what we humans are capable of which is inspiring me to keep asking what’s next for me!!!! 





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