So an odd thing happened on my way to work this morning. As is the case a lot these last couple of weeks, I was running late. Since I would rather get yelled at for being late by my boss versus missing Starbucks, I made my usual stop to get my iced sugar-free carmel latte. Luckily for me, there was only one person in line in front of me when I got there.

As I would learn in a few minutes, that person was named Randy. Randy was already at the counter when I walked in. He was chatting up the Barista something good; something about the unique way she spells her name if I heard right. The Barista was being polite and attentive to the conversation so no red flags went of in my head about Randy.

After I placed my order I walked over to the pick-up counter and waited patiently. While waiting, Randy walked over and introduced himself. He claims to have seen me in their before but I did not recognize him. Randy did know that I battle with arthritis somehow so he started to ask a lot of questions about my problems. The conversation was going so good that I thought I could recommend he go see our friends at and make a donation to the cause. As they say in business, Always Be Closing 🙂

Turns out Randy was chatting me up because he wanted to pray for me if I had the time to stick around for awhile. According to Randy, his prayer has had “a lot of luck” relieving people of their back pain. I was stunned! Not only did I not see that coming, I’ve never heard of someone offering up prayer testimonals from other people before. Very odd!

Since most of my social skills come from Seinfeld, I did the old pointing at the watch and said no time to. I immediately turned to the door and walked very quickly to my car. That was just an all around odd experience.

My question to everyone is, have you had any weird offers like this to cure you of pain? Any unusal or random social situations like this you would like to share? I would love to hear your story!




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