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As I get older, smarter (I know that is debatable), and better looking I’m starting to realize that the key to life is curiosity. It is what drives us to improve as humans, allows us to learn, is key in developing better relationships, and can be key in fighting pain and arthritis. Yes, the power of curiosity is a key component that I’m starting to believe is often overlooked and not considered enough when fighting this horrible disease.

Curiosity is based in the idea of having a desire to learn. This applies nicely to arthritis because of the dynamic nature of the disease. One day we can feel great and the next minute be bent over in 12 types of pain. As patients we have to have a desire to learn (curiosity) in order to fight Arthur. We have to continually learning about nutrition, supplements, exercise, movement, clothing options, changes in medicine, and constant change in medication in order to have a high quality of life. It’s our curiosity that leads us to fight for a better tomorrow!

I’m now starting to believe that the power of curiosity can be used to push ourselves to get off the couch and take a shower, continue to work full-time, push us to run farther, or even allow us to become world class triathletes. It’s a desire to learn how to improve our own lives without having to rely solely on meds or doctors for relief. Without this desire to learn how to raise our own quality of life we are destined to live a life of suffering at the hands of arthritis.

As patients we can’t lose our own sense of curiosity. We need to look at patients that are the triathletes, still working full-time, or are not in as much pain as we are in and look for answers instead of cutting each other down. The secret to a cure or better quality of life can and will be found in the patient community. Let’s do a better job of using our curiosity to help each other and I’m guessing what we find will be amazing!!!




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