As a reward to myself, I decided to take Friday after Thanksgiving off. My pain levels have (and still are) pretty high so I was hoping a 4 day weekend would help calm things down some. The other goal for the long weekend was going to be installing a ceiling fan in my bedroom. Quick back story-my 1st house was a HUD home which the previous owners destroyed before they left. I have replaced the carpet and repainted so far but the jerks took all the light fixtures upstairs so I need to learn how to be an electrician now.

Since Friday was Black Friday, I was going to tackle the ceiling fan then. I didn’t want to go out and face the crowds of idiots pushing others out of the way to get presents in the spirit of Christmas. (A little social commentary never hurt anyone:). As is the case to much lately, I woke up with a bad headache. There goes my plans for installing the ceiling fan.

I did need new work dress shoes and some long sleeve shirts for winter. Fred Meyer had also sent a couple of texts saying my refills were ready. These are not the most exciting errands for a day off, but nonetheless they needed to be done. The bad part is I would have to head out into the Black Friday mess!

Dillard’s has a pretty good selection of clothes and shoes for people that are bigger than some compact cars like me. They are also located in the back of the mall which means I could access them pretty easily off the road I was going to take to hit Fred Meyer up. My thought process was if I could find a parking spot within 5 minutes of entering the malls parking lot I would stop otherwise I would just go get my pills.

Sure enough, I found a spot pretty close to the door to Dillard’s in the first isle I had turned down. Like I say, its the small victories right! So I walked in and started for the big and tall section, otherwise known as the gigantor section 🙂 Right off the bat a sales clerk from the shoe section, I have dealt with him before, came over and said high. The significant part was he had remembered my first name. I took that to mean that my previous encounters with him had been positive and thats why he had remembered me. Another victory considering how easy it is to be grumpy because of pain.

After chatting for a few minutes, he told me that everything in the store was on sale except for shoes. I very appreciative of this knowledge because that meant I could stay in the clothes section and wouldn’t have to walk around so much. Yet another small victory!

There is a new girl in the gigantor section that I have only dealt with once before. She was nice and friendly before and greeted me with a smile when she saw me on Friday. As I started to browse around in the clothes section, I discovered a rack full of Ralph Lauren shirts that were only $30, JACKPOT!!! Usually these shirts are $100 a pop so this was yet another small victory! (In case anyone needs a birthday or Christmas present idea for me I wear an XL Tall in the classic fit. Also, I would be extremely interested in being sponsored by you Mr. Ralph Lauren-I will wear your stuff to work, shopping, gym, doctors, physical therapy, you get the idea).  Long story short, I was able to walk out with 3 shirts and 2 pairs of dress pants for work for less than $150, not a bad day of shopping if I do say so myself. Guess what, yet another victory!

After paying, I started to walk through the store to so I could get back to my car. On the way out I had to walk by the Ralph Lauren section for normal sized people. Turns out another sales clerk I had dealt with before was helping out in that section and stopped me to chat. This clerk does suffer from arthritis too so he is one of “us”.

When I made it to my car I had to sit there for a minute to catch my pain breathe so to speak. The headache seemed to be worse and the knees were hurting from the walking. I did notice though I had not noticed any pain while inside Dillard’s. My shopping trip was actually fun, thats a phrase I thought I would NEVER say! It was a success because of all the little victories I had experienced while on this little adventure.

As odd as this sounds, I don’t think I would have had as much fun if I was a normal healthy person. Pain has taught me to take every encounter, regardless of overall significance, as something special that should be enjoyed. Lets face it, finding a parking spot close to were I wanted to go is not that big of deal in the grand scheme of things. To me it was though because it started me off on a positive note which grew from there. I was then able to enjoy the chatting with the clerks, finding the good clothes on sale, and the hole shopping experience much more. Despite spotting “it” a big lead on Friday, I was able to take a bunch of little victories and turn it into a big victory for me!





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