This weeks post is a public apology to my physical therapist, Cassie!
I am VERY SORRY Cassie but I don’t think I will make my deadline for trying the Whole 30 Diet.

sorry1Here is the reason for my apology and the story behind it.

For the past 6 months or so, Cassie has been studying and participating in the Whole 30 diet plan (read It Starts with Food She has had great personal results and has become a strong advocate for the diet. Since Cassie has become the only health professional that I will listen to faithfully and trust, she challenged me to try this diet in the hopes it would help reduce my pain and swelling. I was sold on the idea and of course I was more than willing to try anything that could help my cause!

The deal was that I was supposed to begin the diet tomorrow but after this past week, I don’t think I should because mentally I’m just too tired right now! Let me explain why.

For the last 3 weeks now, my neck, hands, ribs, and lower back have been hurting worse than normal. The neck especially has and as anyone with neck issues will attest too, this particular pain seems to have a little extra sting to it versus other joint problems. I had been doing good battling the pain until this past Wednesday. Wednesday saw my ability to fight the pain take a nosedive and it wasn’t until late Friday before I was able to snap out of it (thanks again Joanne for that hilarious Snap Chat! J).

Now, I’m still not sure what caused my sudden shift in attitude. Physically I was exhausted from the increase in pain but I’ve been in that state before without such negative results. Work is crazy right now but I’ve lived through craziness at work before. All I know is that I went south quickly! I was getting unnecessarily angry with co-workers, I had no patience for anyone (except for Cassie of course), and I went back to my cookies for comfort. Even my house has become a disaster area because I have no energy to clean. Not good!!!

Part of Cassie’s challenge was for me to blog about my experiences, both good and bad. She thought this would be a great way to keep me honest while at the same time encouraging others to try it. In that spirit, here are a couple of things I’ve learned from my trip to negativity this past week.

First, food is not a good way to cope or even provide comfort when hurting. I’m not sure where the phrase “comfort food” comes from but it should not be used anymore. Good food, food that isn’t processed or genetically modified, should be the first place to start if anyone feels like they are headed for the dark place. Food can and should be used as a weapon against Arthur for example, not as a means to comfort us (that’s what are blankets are for)!

Working out smartly when you feel depression trying to set in is a great weapon. Despite my declining mental state, I still made it to the gym twice last week along with a PT visit. Instead of beating myself up with weights though, I concentrated mainly on cardio. I knew that since I was physically exhausted that the chances of hurting myself more would be greater with weights. So my goal was trying anything I could to obtain the “runners high” we all like and enjoy so much.

Finally, I should have asked for a day off or at the very least to leave early on Friday. No job, even during the busy season, is worth your health. I let work beat me despite having ample sick and vacation leave. My co-workers did nothing wrong and didn’t need to be on the wrong side of my anger. Stubbornness does not equal a good work ethic!

I am still going to work on changing my diet for the better though. I am heading to the grocery store here shortly with the hope of accomplishing a couple of things. First, I will read labels more closely. Not only will I avoid products with high sugar content but also I will steer clear of food with ingredients that I can’t pronounce. Next as a lover of cheese, I will be looking for substitutes so I can cut down on my dairy intake. My hope is to find certified organic cheese to replace my usual cheese intake. Finally, I will be avoiding my propel and replace it with plain old boring no taste water J

The good news is that I still do have some fight left in me! This past week didn’t completely drain me of that. I still am willing to try this idea Cassie, I have just ran out of energy for something like this for the time being…