Yesterday I went skiing, not exactly breaking news I know! What is breaking news is the fact I now have a GoPro camera which means I can now film my skiing adventures :)

If you are reading this and don’t live in Boise let me try and paint you a picture. We are currently in a pretty strong inversion. Our air is dirty, smelly, and worse of all, COLD! There is no wind, our only hope of seeing the sky is if the sun burns through the crap towards the end of the day. To put it another way, it is just depressing in Boise right now.

When I say cold, I mean our morning temperatures are usually in the 1-5 degree range. Yesterday, it was a whopping 4 degrees when we left Boise and 30 degrees at Bogus Basin (Bogus Basin is only 16 miles away from Boise, for you triathletes, riders, and runners-Boise is about 2800 ft and the base of Bogus is at 5800ft give or take).

This is my first attempt at creating a video so please cut me some slack. I’ve added a song by Reckless Kelly called Snowfall. Fans of Reckless or Warren Miller films will recognize the song pretty quickly. My body wasn’t in the greatest of moods lets say so my skiing isn’t great but it still beats a great day at work :) I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Most people thing going extreme means jumping from the highest cliff or skiing the steepest run. This is simply not true! Going extreme means pushing yourself to be better than you were yesterday, regardless of ability or situation. So for those of us in chronic pain it can simply mean taking one more step, learning about better dietary habits, or just being able to ski tomorrow! If we don’t continue to push ourselves to be better we will only be “one year older when we do” :)


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