I owe NatraCure an apology! After talking to this generous company about my arthritis and chronic pain conditions, they sent me their FlexKold Neck Gel Cold Pack for my neck. The deal was I would post a blog review about their Cold Pack for them. Certainly a fair deal! However, as I’m discovering, writing an articulate and glowing blog post is proving harder than I thought. Simply put, this product works incredibly well for my neck pain, incredibly well. So instead of a long, articulate, overly positive blog post, this is going to be short and simple because that best describes this product. It works; it’s as simple as that!

Most chronic pain patients have that one joint or area that seems to hurt a little worse than all their other problem areas. For me, that area is my neck. Neck pain causes me the most stress, frustration, depression, and anxiety versus my other joints. This pain also causes tremendous headaches which I still have some PTSD about from having spinal meningitis as a kid. Most of this pain comes from the 4 screws and a plate at C5/C6, degenerative arthritis, and degenerative disk disease.

I do take narcotics for this pain. However, too many people don’t realize this, narcotics are not a cure for pain, they make it so I don’t care that my neck hurts for example. My body is still going through all the stress, frustration, depression, and anxiety as it would without the narcotics. This is where the FlexKold Neck Gel Cold Pack excels I believe. Since this product was designed for my neck, I don’t have to worry about it not staying on or not getting the right spot. The cold is providing the necessary swelling reduction which is actual, real relief.

Too many products today are manufactured for selling; they are not designed for patients first. NatraCure seems to go out of its way to design a product that works. By works, I mean provides the necessary cold relief along with not needing any kind of adjustment in order to work. I can come home from skiing, lay down with some food, turn on my tv, and put my Cold pack on my neck and revel in the fact that I’m a chronic pain and arthritis patient that still skis!