Alan’s Guide to a Successful Surgery!

I’m the first to admit, I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box. My academic record shows that I’m a solid average to above average student. Any examination of my personal life will show you that I need professional help/advice. What I do know though is surgeries. In my life I have had 9 total surgeries with more on the way more than likely. Since my level of expertise is higher than most in this regard, I thought I would attempt to create some sort of guide for the less fortunate people that have not had any surgeries.    🙂

  • Please remember you are having surgery because all other treatment options have failed. Surgery is no different than popping a pill, going to physical therapy, or trying to self-medicate at the local watering hole (I’ve never done that but I’ve heard of others trying it).  By remembering this, I believe you will make yourself calmer and more relaxed before having to go under the knife. Much like everyone else, doctors, nurses, medical techs, and physical therapists rather work with patients that realize they need help and are willing to work towards getting better.
  • My Left Hip
  • This is VERY important! Several hours before a surgery and for the rest of the day afterwards, only surround yourself with people that are givers. What do I mean by that, well that’s a great question me! Only have people around you that give off positive energy. You want people treating you like its just another day. Why do I say this, another great question! Its because even the most basic surgery will allow you to have pretty strong drugs and you don’t want to waste the “high” on depressing people. Chances are this will be your first chance at relief in a very long time! Enjoy it or sleep with it, don’t let negative people pull you down!
  •  My Right Hip. According to the doctor, it qualifies for resurfacing but doesn’t hurt that bad yet.
  • Pick a surgery time early in the morning. You can’t eat so waiting all day for a surgery bites! Also, surgeons start their day pretty early so being one of the first patients they see will help prevent any delays. Patience is a key factor the day of surgery, you will have to fill out paperwork, more blood is will be drawn than you thought possible, and you will answer more questions than a student in college.
  • I’ve thought a lot about this suggestion a lot recently! Pick a surgeon that is confident to the point they are almost arrogant, now I know this sounds weird but let me explain. Confident/arrogant people hate to lose. They will do almost anything to win, this a quality you want in someone that is about to cut you open.
  • Also, surgery means you are either broken, sick, or want big boobies (sorry, that is the childish portion of my personality coming out) so you have earned the right to act however you want. So why not take that confidence, feed off it, and apply that to your recovery. Surgeons are going to make a butt load of money regardless so they get their joy from seeing you walk out of their office in a better condition than when you walked in.
  • Depending on the type of surgery you have, you might have to lay on the surgery table buck-naked with no one paying attention to you. This is a weird social situation because your ego or your self-esteem will tell you that someone should be looking at you because your naked…the anesthesia helps magnify this feeling too unfortunately. Just remember that they are professionals and are doing their job, its nothing personal!
  • Finally, and probably most importantly, the picking of the physical therapist. I lucked out and found Cassie (she works at the Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital if your in Boise and need PT) and I trust her completely. That is the most important characteristic you will want to look for, are they trustworthy. You will have bad days, that’s a given. Having a PT that you trust will help with the bad days but make the good days that much better.

These are my suggestions for a successful surgery. I truly believe that if you follow my advice your surgery and recovery will go even better than you had hoped!

These are pictures of my left shoulder, sorry about the quality! For you smart people, I had the Bankart Repair surgery.


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