Yes, the evil doers that created arthritis in order to keep the most brilliant and brightest amongst the human race down have made contact with me. This is truly a bold and dramatic move on their part! Up until now, all I had was circumstantial evidence of a conspiracy but obviously I’ve stumbled onto something bigger than even I thought!



Obviously they are stalking me digitally! Since it is Arthritis Awareness Month, I have been posting a lot about the Arthritis Action Pak for $25.00 that the Arthritis National Research Foundation is currently offering ( – In all seriousness, please donate!). I’ve also posted several pictures of the swelling in my hands during one of the several Gout flares that I’ve experienced since being diagnosed with this painful condition 3 years ago. Only someone or some group that has been following me for several years now would know all of this!!!

What worries me the most about this text message is the tone of it. The sarcasm in the message is hard to interpret. Are they trying to be mean in order to scare me? Or is this the beginning of a recruiting effort by them in order to convert me to the evil side? More importantly, I’m I in physical danger by whoever sent me the text message? One thing is for sure, they will NEVER convert me to the evil side!

Now, the question is what should be my next move. Should I send a return message with the hopes of getting them agitated so they might make a mistake and expose themselves to the light of truth? Or should I go to the cops before its too late? So far this is the only contact (that I know of at least) that they have made.

One thing is for sure my friends, whoever THEY are won’t deter me from finding the truth! To many people, especially children, are in pain that they do not deserve to be in! Some of the world’s smartest and brightest people suffer from some form of this horrible disease which is not right! These are people capable of things like creating a lasting and meaning peace in the Middle East or finding a cure for cancer. They should not have to fight every day just to be able to do things like get out of bed or feed themselves.

What do I need from you the reader and fellow chronic pain patient? As long as they are out there, we must continue to advocate and support those that are fighting for a cure. We must celebrate people or websites that are educating, supporting, advocating, or seeking donations in order to fight the disease these conspirators created. The fight won’t be easy. Many know already of the pain and frustration they can cause by their comments or posts. All I can say is this, we must stick together as an arthritic community in order to combat the evil doers. Strength in numbers will always defeat the forces of evil!

Evil doers who created this conspiracy, pay attention! I will not be deterred or silenced! Stay tuned my friends, this is not the end of the story…






More Proof of An Arthritic Conspiracy… — 2 Comments

  1. Who sent you that text? A ‘friend’ or someone that found your number?

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