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Currently there are about 300,000 children in the United States that have some form of juvenile arthritis. Of those 300,000 kids, roughly 50,000 have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). JRA is an autoimmune disease that can cause swollen joints or sudden rashes which many parents initially write off as either a flu bug or allergic reaction. This causes diagnosis of JRA to be delayed for quite some time because no one expects a child to have arthritis.

JRA can appear in children as young as 6 months old and as old as 18 years. Since a child’s immune system is not fully formed until around 18, this autoimmune form of arthritis is especially dangerous in kids. It compromises their ability to fight normal diseases and leaves them open to complications that may affect their eyes, bone growth, or organs. Joint pain, reddened joints, and swelling that simply won’t go away are the key symptoms.

Recently studies have shown that JRA stands alone, independent from Rheumatoid Arthritis in how it actually attacks and affects a child’s body. This horrible disease causes the body of these kids to war with itself in its effort to recover. There does seem to be a parallel connection to the severity of JRA and the likelihood of achieving remission. Simply put, no child should have to live like this!

These kids are amazing and an inspiration! I got to play as a kid, participate in sports growing up, didn’t have to go to hospitals monthly, nor had to take $100,000’s of meds before “Arthur” got me. These kids do not have that pleasure! That is why I’m asking, begging, pleading that you go to www.curearthritis.org and consider making a donation. At the very least, please read through the website so you can become more aware of the destructive power of arthritis. Like I said, no child should have to live with any form of arthritis and this is a great way to help make this goal a reality!

P.S. Kids that battle with Arthur grow up to battle him too! Although the chronic pain is tough to live with, Arthur can be beat!




www.curearthritis.org – Check it out! A small $25.00 donation will fund 1 hour of research which could mean a lifetime of pain free playing for these kids!!!!


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