A couple of weeks ago, my boss had to go in for emergency surgery (my boss and I are the only ones in the tax section at work). As it stands right now, I have been instructed to tell people that she will be out for an indeterminate amount of time. That means yours truly is getting an excellent opportunity to develop professionally (another way of reading that is I will be doing her job and mine until she comes back for the same pay).

With the end of the month coming up fast, I’ve been learning very quickly what needs to be done to close out the month and who to distribute reports too, this has been done by my boss since I’ve started working with her.  December 15th was the due date for 3rd quarter prepayments which is part of my job description (to give you some idea, there is about 1,000 companies that will be sending in prepayments). Also, there is a large sum of money that needs to be transferred in order for the state to cover a tax credit. Needless to say, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on.

As every arthritic patient knows, more time in front of a computer never leads to a decrease in pain. I was flaring bad, and with my TMJ joint going south I had new pains to go with the usual neck and lower back pain. Since skiing use to provide me with a stress relief, my friends and I headed up the hill for some night skiing this past Friday night.

Now, I will admit I’m out of shape! Contrary to what my doctors are saying, I’m out of shape because of the pain, I would be a lot more active if it wasn’t for the pain but I’m getting off topic a little. The conditions at Bogus Basin are variable lets say, the snows good but there isn’t a lot of it. I was struggling but still making it down the hill which I was counting as small wins against “it”.

As I was making my was down a pretty easy run, I skied over some dirt that almost stopped me. Going from skiing speed to almost stopping felt a little like running into the back end of a full size pick up while doing 30 mph in a little rental car (I might have done that :). This sent immediate pain to my lower back, neck, and TMJ joint!!! Now, knowing full well that pain hurts and its still early in the ski season I decided to go in. I told my friends what had happened and said I would be at the locker whenever they were done skiing.

At the locker, I was able to get my boots off without any help which sounds like an easy task but my hands were swollen and didn’t want to work. With the boots off, the rest of my ski gear was easy to convert into my street clothes for lack of a better term. Since my friends weren’t back and I was still hurting,  I decided to lay on the bench until they returned.

As I was laying there, I realized that I was embarrassed along with hurting. I’ve had my ego bruised before but I’ve never felt embarrassment. I know I have nothing to be embarrassed about, its not like I made a duty in my pants (yes I am 12 years old why do you ask). My guess is that this was the first time “it” attacked me and won while doing something I enjoy and felt very comfortable doing. After all, I was a long time ski instructor who basically considered Bogus Basin my 2nd home. This was my turf and no pain bastard was going to win on my home field. Turns out that I was wrong, “it” is now confident enough to attack me whenever it wants! 

I knew this day was coming, like I said I’m now a little bit smarter now. My guess is that many of you that have been fighting “it” have had similar experiences. Giving up skiing is going to be hard, mentally I’m not going to handle that well.

The good news is I’m planning on skiing on the first. This event was discouraging but I’m not going down without a fight! There is no reason why any of us should just accept the pain, no matter how bad it gets or how embarrassing it might be. One of the great aspects of skiing is that no matter how good you are that there is someone who is better than you! I’m taking that to mean that no matter how hard skiing becomes for me, I will still be better than someone else 🙂 



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