O.K. queue the drum roll………….I went to a nearby middle school and tried to run a mile!

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I’ve been trying to remember the last time I went for a run, I think it was about 8 years ago. I was never an avid runner before I decided it would be fun to try multiple surgeries and chronic gout. Running was just a way for me to stay in shape in the spring and summer so I could mountain bike, rock climb, hike, camp, or eat a ton of food. It also got me ready for ski season and kept me looking good for college. On a good week I maybe got in 15 miles, usually I would go 3 to 4 times a week at 3 to 4 miles a route. No big deal! It was just enough to keep me active in my favorite sports and produced enough arrogance for me to feel comfortable judging others that didn’t run J

Now, I wish I could tell you that this unexpected burst of running ambition had to do with me in very little or no pain. Since I was in the ER on Memorial Day for severe lower back pain that would be a big fat lie now wouldn’t it. I attribute my running ambition to 3 factors, (1) all the running Rheumatoid Arthritis  people I’ve meet over this past year that believe in the medicinal value of the sport, (2) the fine people at ASIC’s that make one hell of a good shoe, and (3) me switching to a highly organic based diet! Gun to my head, I would probably pick the organic based diet as the #1 reason I laced up the shoes and went to the track but it’s a close race between all 3 reasons (for free shoes ASIC you can be the #1 reason I tried running???).

The reason I picked the organic diet as the #1 reason for trying to run a mile is because of how quickly I noticed a change in my body. I no longer feel heavy (lack of a better term) after I eat organic. It is now common for me to feel energized after eating healthy versus in the past where I just wanted to take a very long, long, long, long, long, long nap. My stomach seems to be happier with me, I’m more (relatively speaking of courseJ) mentally awake, and just feel stronger despite my pains. Hopefully with more time, I will be able to report that my pains have been drastically reduced or are gone. Since I’ve only been making an honest effort to eat organic for a couple of weeks now I will give the food more time to work its magic.

I’m pretty sure I will try running again in a day or too. My ego wasn’t happy that I only ran about 3 ½ laps and had to walk the rest. The ego was angry when I had to sit down because I was either coughing up blood or dust, I was told that was good for me? My resurfaced hip is grumpy I would call it and my knees are yelling four letter words at me but I’m sure it’s just because of the lack of running in my life versus damage.  Long story short is as long as I continue to increase my organic intake of food I’m sure I will be trying to improve me running skills. Eat healthy, organic, and clean people…It’s a good thing!!!!


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  1. Good for you on running! Is it best to walk farther than running? Running/biking/walking – all those things are helping your health. Love, Dad

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