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Recently the Boise City Council and Mayor proposed a bond in order to build and improve some parks in underserved areas. As an arthritis patient, I’m in favor of any public expenditure that helps patients with the motto of “Motion is Lotion”. So I decided to write a Letter to the Editor stating my support publicly. This got me to thinking, all arthritis patients should be writing Letters to the Editor explaining what it is like to live with this horrible disease.

With that in mind, I wrote a couple of letters that anyone could use. These letters are meant to help educate others on what it is like to live with this disease. Please, please feel free to use them! Basically, I’m encouraging you to steal my work and put your name on it 🙂 Send them into your local papers, university papers, websites, and any other media possible.

Also, if you already have wrote a Letter to the Editor and would like to share it please send it to me at paintalksbutdoesnotwin@gmail.com. I will gladly post it so others can use. With local elections coming up it is an excellent opportunity to get our message out! Let’s raise the public profile of arthritis in the hopes of furthering the publics understanding of this horrible and painful disease.

My Letter to the Editor Supporting the Boise City Council and Mayor –

As a member of a growing number of 20 to 30 year olds trying to raise public awareness about the 100 plus forms of arthritis, I wanted to take a moment to show my support for Mayor Bieter and the Boise City Council in their efforts to improve and expand parks in underserved neighborhoods. As an arthritis patient myself, I can attest to the importance of “Motion is Lotion”.

In Ada County alone there could be over 50,000 citizens suffering from some form of this painful disease. As far as I know Idaho does not have a Pediatric Rheumatologist but the math suggests that there could be upwards of 600 kids in this area suffering. Yes it is true, “Kids get arthritis too!”

Now, I’m guessing some of you are saying how can new and better parks help a child or adult in Boise with arthritis. The answer is simple, “Motion is Lotion”. Contrary to what you might have seen on commercials, arthritis cannot be cured with 2 pills a day. By adding new and better parks to Boise’s amazing collection of outdoor activities, we would be showing support to all arthritis patients with their “Motion is Lotion” goals! 

Possible Letter to the Editor –

To often when someone hears the word arthritis they automatically think “old person problem”. I am writing this letter to the editor today in the hopes of clearing up that misconception. Simply put, anyone and everyone could become an arthritis patient!

Most people do not realize that there are over 100 different forms of arthritis. Some of the most common forms are Osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint disease to Rheumatoid Arthritis which is an autoimmune disease meaning ones immune system is attacking ones own body. Probably the worse form of arthritis is called Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yes, “kids get arthritis too!”

Contrary to what you might have seen on TV, any form of arthritis can’t be cured by just taking a couple of pills. Each patient must eat healthy, remain active, take supplements, go to physical therapy, and have multiple surgeries, along with spending thousands on meds. Patients are not lazy; actually it is quit the opposite. We must work twice is hard in order to remain active, productive members of the community. Don’t assume anything when it comes to arthritis, it is a very complex disease that affects all aspects of our lives.

Possible Letter to the Editor –

According to the latest research, roughly 15% of all Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. That figure includes children as young as 6 months to people as old as 100. This disease strikes whenever, however, and whomever it wants! Arthur (patients name for arthritis) is a mean bully who fights dirty.

As a young patient, I can tell you that the pain is horrendous. It can ruin the most joyous of occasions and cause major life changes almost instantly. Unfortunately, peoples miss understanding of arthritis makes the pain much worse.

I am not lazy, avoiding responsibility, or can be cured with a couple of pills. I would love to work full-time, go to class, or hang out with friends every night. The pain prevents this from happening but it has not killed my spirit.

I live by a motto of “Motion is Lotion.” This motto means something different for every individual patient so please ask me to explain, don’t assume you know already! Arthritis means I have to earn every victory against Arthur, but that does not mean I don’t enjoy living just as much as you. 

Once again, if you have any suggestions or ideas for letters please send them to me at paintalksbutdoesnotwin@gmail.com. Also, check out curearthrtis.org for more information about this disease.

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