imageWhat is your favorite swear word when you are hurting? What is your favorite phrase for pain? Have you made up your own go to word to help deal with pain?

Lets hear what you got!

P.S. If you hurt you’ve earned the right to a good cuss word regardless of your age! So let’s make sailors blush 🙂


Best Swear Word For Pain? — 7 Comments

  1. I’m known to throw a “motherfucker” or two when I’ve got the big-time owies. AFA pain goes, that’s tagged as “you cocksucker” on most days. Not terribly original, but it makes ME feel better …

  2. On a rough pain day, when I feel really pushed to the limit, sometimes I lose my temper and go totally “bitchcakes.” Does that count?

    I’m not at all opposed to swearing, but I don’t think I swear much about/at my pain.

  3. Never really thought about it, and I don’t deal with pain on a chronic level but I think I tend to bring god into it quite a bit, as in “god damn it” or “holy shit.” No idea why that is as I’m pretty agnostic these days. Come to think of it, those may be related. LOL

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