Do you suffer from excessive perspiration? Do people ask you if your alright because your shirt and face are so damp? Do you avoid social situations because you know sweating isn’t the turn on you would like it to be? If so, this post is for you!

After consulting with my doctor, I have discovered that sweating is just part of my charm. When I was on Cymbalta, it was scary how much more I would sweat (I quit taking Cymbalta because of this side effect)! My current mess of prescriptions does increase my sweating abilities, just not as much as Cymbalta did. The meds we take for pain and arthritis seem to have an amazing ability to make us look like marathon runners but it doesn’t seem to get talked about a lot!

So why do I bring up this awkward topic that admittedly is pretty disgusting? Its because as sweators we need to bring this conversation to the world. We need to realize that excess perspiration is not a bad thing, its a particular characteristic that separates us from others. Lets be proud of our sweating abilities, lets make others jealous of our amazing abilities to create salt water!

Ok, honesty time! The real reason I want us to bring the excessive perspiration conversation to the world is I’m tired of avoiding social situations because of my abilities. I want excessive sweating to be a sign of success, not a sign of dorkiness. I’ve either avoided or worried that girls would notice nothing else but my sweating. I’ve bought dark navy blue blazers specifically to hide sweating during job interviews. Lets be honest, pain sucks but sweating sucks and blows in social situations. That is why I want all of us sweators to band together to change the worlds opinion about this misunderstood condition.

Until the social stigma of sweating changes, the question becomes, how do we fight against excessive perspiration. I’ve tried keeping extra shirts in my car, running home at lunch, or keeping a blow drier around but nothing seems to be a good solution. I love wearing black but being a blonde haired, fair skinned Norwegian/German, black isn’t a great color for me. Until they can create a safe fake and bake machine, I need to stay away from colors that make me look whiter than I already I’m. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts…PLEASE SHARE NOW, I NEED THE HELP QUICKLY!!!

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